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Skeyndor’s most advanced Vitamin C Serum yet. Containing triple-action anti-oxidants sourced from Pomegranate and Amazonian Acai berries. It fights against sun damage and creates an overall brightening effect on the skin. Skeyndor’s Vitamin C Serum will lighten and brighten the surface of your skin. Acting as a shield against cutaneous photoaging. It provides an intense “light effect” on the face, enhanceing the production of collagen and unifies spots. Perfect for skin in need of revitalisation.

High Absorption Vitamin C (12.5%) – Skeyndor has formulated no ordinary Vitamin C. Unlike most Vitamin C that sits on the surface of the skin and is not absorbed by skin. Skeyndor Vitamin C goes deeper and has a stronger effect on the skin. So don't be fooled by percentages alone make sure your skincare as High Absorption Vitamin C.

Pomegranate Extract (3%) – A powerful antioxidant. This fruit is well known for its neutralising effects on free radicals. And further helps to stimulate cell regeneration.

Acai Extract (2%) – This super fruit is from the deepest parts of the Amazon. It is also known for its antioxıdant properties with the added benefit being extremely high phytochemicals helping reverse the sıgns of aging. Its also vıewed as the most powerful natural ingredient for hyperpigmentation.

Power C+ Serum

  • Due to COVID19 - Please allow 2-7 business days for this product to be available for pickup or delivery 

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