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  • Anti static *

  • Anti tangle * (Neutralizes the negative charge on a hair strand that will cause hair to become statically charged and tangled)

  • Anti frizz

  • Anti dust and contaminant protection (ionic charging repels dirt and dust, leaving the hair cleaner for longer)

  • Anti buildup

  • Great wet combability – enhanced glide and slip

  • Humidity protection

  • Heat protection

  • Color protection

  • Reduces breakage

  • Reduces shedding

  • Repairs bonds of the inner hair strands

  • Improves elasticity and tensile strength

  • Increased flexibility

  • Increases moisture retention

  • Increased body + volume

  • Increases sheen + refractory shine

  • Smoothens + protects the cuticle and hair shaft

  • Corrects texture of hair shaft that has been physically or chemically damaged

  • Provides style memory

  • Provides texture + separation

  • Softens and removes minerals from hard water

  • Does not weigh hair down

  • Increases UV absorption (without damaging effects)

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EthicaAnti-Aging Stimulating Daily Shampoo

  • Please allow 2-7 days for pick up availability 

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