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  • Multiple anti inflammatory (7)

  • Multiple DHT inhibitors (7)

  • Multiple anti oxidants (7)

  • Multiple growth stimulators (10)

  • Multiple anti bacterial properties (4)

  • Multiple anti fungal properties (3)

  • Penetrates the scalp, hair shaft and follicle to deliver benefits

  • Prevents, reverses and eliminates Perifollicular Fibrosis (hardening of collagen around follicle)

  • Reduces or eliminates shedding

  • Increases collagen production of the scalp

  • Increases keratin production in the hair shaft

  • Accelerates speed of growth

  • Anti stress protection for follicle (physical + psychological)

  • Increased blood flow to hair follicle (mimics Minoxidil)

  • Increases DNA + cellular repair and turnover

  • Increases hair shaft thickness

  • Lengthens growth (anagen) phase of the hair

  • Increased health, hardness and speed of growth of the fingernails

  • Apply with a Q-tip to the eyebrows to enhance growth

Ethica Ant-Aging Stimulating Corrective Daily Topical

  • Please allow 2-7 days for pick up availability 

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